Super Bowl LII

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Super Bowl LII

Postby WhatWouldDitkaDo » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:12 pm

Kind of surprised there isn't already a thread for this. Predictions, discussion, bets, prop bets, whatever. My prediction is final score NE 31, PHI 20. Some fantasy-related bets I've placed:

Jay Ajayi over 14.5 rushing attempts
Jay Ajayi over 62.5 rushing yards
Jay Ajayi over 2.5 receptions
Jay Ajayi over 19.5 receiving yards
Danny Amendola over 4.5 receptions
Dion Lewis over 54.5 rushing yards
Dion Lewis over 29.5 receiving yards
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Re: Super Bowl LII

Postby Friction » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:15 pm

Too many bets to list, but I have hit first td scored 4 out of the last 5 years, even though it is a complete sucker bet. This year, the odds completely blow. Usually some of these guys are at least 20-30 to 1, and they are at around 12 or 14 to 1 for this game. Add in both teams are pretty much a crap shoot if who they will focus on offensively, and it is a tough year for player props. I agree with your strategy with Ajayi, in that you are going all in on one guy to have a certain type of game (in his case good or above average).
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Re: Super Bowl LII

Postby dynastyfootball11 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:35 pm

Patriots win & James White TD.
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Re: Super Bowl LII

Postby saw061600 » Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:14 am

I was just looking for this thread, wasn't sure to which board it would land.

I'm picking PHI by 10. NE down by 3 going into 4th quarter, just like the script says. But PHI def rises up on the final drive, pick 6.
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