How to recover an orphan in a league that is very inactive (trade adverse)?

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How to recover an orphan in a league that is very inactive (trade adverse)?

Postby UATahoe » Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:30 am

So I took over team 1 in my signature last year. After 1 year in I am sitting with what you see. The only player I still have that I started with is Brady. I had basically 2 trade partners but have pretty much exhausted all trades with those guys now. It's getting frustrating because I know I still have a huge hill to climb but nobody in the league wants to make any moves at all. They dont even respond to requests. They just ignore everything. The other downside, 1 guy in this league has a team that is just ridiculous. He starts R Wilson, Gurley, Fournette, D Hopkins, M Thomas, A Robinson, and has D Freeman, T Hill, and Sammy Watkins on his bench. Pretty much unbeatable. My guess is this guy has burnt a lot of the guys in the league on trades so nobody wants to move anything anymore. I mean last year he traded the 1.08 and Derek Carr for the 1.01. Lol.

Long story short, what is next now? Just settle in for the long haul and hope for the best? At that rate I am probably 3-4 years away from finally competing it feels. Feel like frustration is starting to settle in. Any advice?
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