Team advice...12 team, hppr

This is the place for team advice - should I make this trade, should I draft that player, etc.
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Team advice...12 team, hppr

Postby Favrezilla » Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:09 am

hey guys - looking for some advice on what you would do (high level is more than fine and thanks in advance) on my teams - mainly team 1

team 1 - started the rebuild by selling Rodgers for stafford, 2018 1st, Tate and ARob...this team seems to be middle of pack at best but how knows its early this year...HUGE hole at RB right now...could make a move for RB but it seems everyone in this league either doesnt trade or wants 2x value when they know you need a player.

team 2 - been mopping up floor with people this season, not sure if there would be any moves someone would make to the WRs? but i feel like my bench RBs (Henry/Mixon/Perine) will be fine and come along as the season progresses - am thinking id try and add Jamal Charles or booker just in case and will eventually have to grab a bye/week injury coverage TE for Ertz

anyways -- thanks!
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