NCAA Fantasy League (, Free to join, Modified rosters/IDP, Unique scoring, NCAA Theme) - APPLY NOW

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NCAA Fantasy League (, Free to join, Modified rosters/IDP, Unique scoring, NCAA Theme) - APPLY NOW

Postby NooshyD » Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:55 am

We are currently looking for an active and competitive coach to join the NCAA Fantasy League for the forthcoming season, the league is now into it's 3rd season and it has proven to be an active, fun-feel league with a high-octane competitive edge.

We currently have a crop of 15/16 coaches so we have one vacancy that has recently opened up.

This league is for active coaches ONLY who are regularly involved in trades, waivers and all other league aspects such as polls and discussion on LM Board. The league is not for those who cannot regularly manage their team nor is it for players who quit in the latter weeks of the season when they realise their team won't make the playoffs, this league is for those who live and breath fantasy football.

Please find all relevant requirements/information of this league below - - We use the official NFL fantasy site to run this league as we initially chose it over it's competitors (Yahoo, CBS, ESPN etc.) in Season 1 and we have stuck with it ever since.

NCAA Theme - All teams in the league must be affiliated with a current NCAA college football team with official name and logo.

GroupMe - The GroupMe app (it's free) is required for coaches to download and join the leagues group chat along with the other 15 coaches to discuss all league matters such as trades, waivers, polls, organizing the draft.

Online Draft - All coaches will be required to attend the online draft which will be organised during the preseason on a date that all 16 coaches can attend.

Unique Scoring - A vast and unique scoring system has been implemented to create far more opportunities for teams to score valuable points during their weekly matchup as well as of course enhancing the excitement when watch live NFL games.

Modified Rosters - Team rosters have been modified with set positional/roster limits along with additional roster positions (DB, LB).

Conferences & Playoffs - The 16 team league is divided into two conferences of 8, each conference is then divided into two sub-divisions of 4 teams. The teams making the playoffs will be the 4 divisional champions along with the next two highest seeds from each conference. In each conference, the 4 qualifying teams will compete in the playoffs where two of them will battle for their Conference Championship, and of course, the National Championship game will be contested by the two Conference Champions to determine the League Champions.

Divisions - As from above there will be 4 divisions, these 4 divisions are Atlantic Coast Conference, Big 10, Pac-12 & SEC. Divisional changes in future seasons is an option.

League Schedule - The schedule of league matches will be randomized, however, divisional matchups will fall in weeks 3, 7 & 11. Playoffs fall in weeks 14, 15 & 16.

Weekly Trophies - Trophies are awarded at the end of each game week to teams based on specific achievements during that game week.

Season Progression - Similar to the format of the NFL today, existing coaches will retain their teams draft pick for the following season based on their final standing in the previous campaign (for example if a coach finishes 3rd they will be positioned at 14th in the draft next season).

Re-draft League - This league has (for the past 2 seasons) been a re-draft league, however there is some potential that it could become a Keeper league in future seasons at the request of it's coaches.

Anyone interested in joining this league can contact me via this post or send your application to and one of our Admins will get back to you.

Thank you :thumbup:

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