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Official rules of the DLF Charter League II

Postby BradyT » Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:03 am

DLF Charter League II Rules

haydn239 (Josh) is co-commissioners to help resolve any disputes, trade objections, etc, and also to keep things running smoothly if the commissioner(ekassor - Eric) is out of contact.

As we like to do it around here, this will be a free league, so you are just playing for the thrill of being the better manager and bragging rights for the next year.

The drafts will take place on the forum, and offseason rosters will be maintained on the forum as well. Please post comments on separate threads and leave draft and roster threads just for picks and rosters.

All times given for deadlines or anything else will be in the central time zone unless otherwise stated.


All owners are expected to be active year round, but this is especially true during the season and drafts. If an owner is found to be inactive during these times, by the commissioner, without sufficient notice given as to why they are not active, they may be removed from the league at anytime at the sole discretion of the commissioner.

We will be using Flea Flicker to run the league scoring, scheduling, and playoffs.

Roster Size: 40 players with 4 Injured Reserve spots, No positional limits


A player must be eligible for the IR spots as set on flea flicker in order to be placed on IR.

Any player on IR at the end of the season must be removed by Midnight (central) April 1. The owner must either cut them from their roster or cut an active player to make room for them on the 40 man roster. Once the deadline has past any player still on IR will be cut from that team.

Player Universe - All NFL Players

A player’s position (DL or LB, etc.) will be decided by where the league management site has them at, whether that is Flea Flicker or ESPN.

Roster Lock time - Slots Lock Individually at Scheduled Game time

Divisional Alignment will be assigned randomly and remain the same every year.

Starting Lineup
Flex (QB/RB/WR/TE)
2 Flex (DL/LB/DB)


1 point for every 20 Passing Yards (0.05 per) ALL
2 points for every 2 Pt Conversion Passing ALL
4 points for every Passing TD ALL
-2 points for every Interception ALL

2 points for every 15 Rushing Yards (0.13 per) ALL
2 points for every 2 Pt Conversion Rushing ALL
6 points for every Rushing TD ALL

1 point for every Catch RB, WR, TE
2 points for every 15 Receiving Yards (0.13 per) ALL
2 points for every 2 Pt Conversion Receiving ALL
6 points for every Receiving TD ALL

3 points for every FG Made ALL
3 extra points for every FG of 50 or more yards ALL
1 extra point for every FG between 40 and 49 yards (inclusive) ALL
-1 point for every FG Missed ALL
1 point for every XP ALL
-1 point for every XP Missed ALL

2 points for every Total Tackle K, DB, DL, LB
5 points for every Interception K, DB, DL, LB
6 points for every Sack K, DB, DL, LB
3 points for every Fumble Forced K, DB, DL, LB

4 points for every Fumble Recovered K, DB, DL, LB
3 points for every Safety K, DB, DL, LB
6 points for every Defensive TD K, DB, DL, LB
2 points for every Pass Defended K, DB, DL, LB

1 point for every 20 Kick Return Yards (0.05 per) ALL
6 points for every Kick Return TD ALL
1 point for every 20 Punt Return Yards (0.05 per) ALL
6 points for every Punt Return TD ALL

-1 point for every Fumble ALL
-1 point for every Fumble Lost ALL

Offseason Cuts

All teams must reduce their rosters to 34 by Midnight on the first Sunday in May (exact date to be posted).

All teams may use as many draft picks as they have, with their own 6 or any acquired through trade. However, no team may have over 40 players at any time. If a team is already at 40 players, to make another draft selection they must cut a player at the same time. They can also forfeit their pick if they choose to.

Any player cut during a draft is not eligible to be drafted at any time during the same draft.

Any team below 40 players after the draft will be short until waivers start to run on the 1st saturday after the rookie/FA draft has been completed

Yearly Drafts

In subsequent years there will be a 6 round draft involving all positions, rookies and free agents, which will officially begin at Noon on the first Saturday in May following the completion of the NFL Draft (exact date tbd each year). The time limit per pick will be 12 hours for all rounds.

A draft pick may be traded while it is on the clock. However, this must be done within the 12 hours on the pick clock, and the pick clock does not restart for any reason.

Draft order will be in order of worst to first based on the previous year’s finish. All non playoff teams will receive draft positions 1-6 based on regular season finish, and positions 7-12 will be based on playoff finish.

All owners will be responsible for monitoring the draft threads and making their picks on time. The 12 hours will start at the time when the pick before it was posted. You’ll need to look at the time stamp on their posting to see. If owners want to notify the person after them when they have made their pick that would be helpful to some owners who may be busy during the draft.

All owners are also responsible for knowing which players are available to be drafted. If an owner drafts a player that is already on a roster this will be treated like an expired pick clock.

Like the NFL Draft, if you miss your pick the draft will proceed, but you may still make your pick at anytime. Having the clock expire on your pick for the 2nd time in any draft, without communicating as to why with the commissioners, will most likely be viewed as inactivity (see above: INACTIVITY). We all understand that life comes up, all we ask is that you trat the league with respect and keep us informed as much as possible what is going on.

If you will not be able to make your next draft pick one of the commissioners can make it for you from a list. Or, if there is someone else you would rather have make it for you that is fine as well.


All trades will be posted by one party and accepted by the other on the forum. There is no waiting period. All trades will be immediately processed. Any player movements will be processed to the flea flicker site by the commissioners, and any draft pick movements will be processed by the commissioners on the forum.
If anyone has a strong objection to a trade they can raise it with the commissioner or one of the co-commissioner and the commissioner and co-commissioners will review it. If the trade is found to be collusive or so one-sided as to be detrimental to the league it will be reversed. All decisions by the commissioners are final.

You may trade draft picks for up to two years in the future (Example: It is 2010, so you may trade picks for 2011 or 2012).

A draft pick may be traded while it is on the clock. However, this must be done within the 12 hours on the pick clock, and the pick clock does not restart for any reason.

No trade limit. All players are able to be traded, including kickers.

Trade deadline will be the beginning of the first game of the 13th week of the NFL regular season.

Adding/Dropping Players

Adding/Dropping players will be frozen when rosters lock for the final week of the NFL regular season and will be unfrozen after the conclusion of the League Draft. Off season Waivers will be a Blind Bid format with a $100 budget. The budget is strictly for use in off season waiver bidding. Off season waivers will be processed on Wednesdays. Bidding will take place on Fleaflicker only. Waivers will be frozen again prior to week 1. After week 1 Waiver claims will be processed in order of worst record to first and will reset each week. Waiver processing will occur on Thursdays in season.

Any players dropped will be placed on waivers for two days. Waiver claims will be processed in order of worst record to first and will reset each week. Waiver processing will occur on Thursdays.


The league will be organized into 4 divisions of 3 teams each. Each team will play their divisional opponents twice and every other team once.


Individual Games: Regular Season and Playoff Games- Highest scoring bench, Most total starter combined TDs, Highest individual starter score

Playoff Seeding Tiebreakers: best head-head record, Best division record (same division only), Most average points/game, Hardest schedule (record), Hardest schedule (points)

Draft Order: total points scored, coinflip


Playoffs will begin in Week 14 of the NFL season and will last three weeks.
There will be six playoff teams, the four division champions and two wildcards teams.
The wildcard teams will be the two non-division champions with the best records.

Playoff Schedule
Week 14- Seed 3 v. Seed 6 and Seed 4 v. Seed 5
Week 15- Seed 1 v. Lowest seeded winner of Week 14 and Seed 2 v. Highest seeded winner of Week 14
Week 16- Championship Game
There will also be consolation rounds each week to determine the 7th through 10 draft positions for next year’s rookie draft. The runner-up and champion will have spots 11 and 12, respectively
12teams,42roster,ppr,IDP 1QB,2RB,3WR,1TE,1Flex,1K,2DL,2LB,2DB,1Flex
LB:Beason,R.Lewis,London Fletcher,L.Kuechly,DJ Williams,Irving,D.Connor,EJH,B.Spikes
Picks: 4.11, 6.06

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