STBC League Description, Rules, and Regulations

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STBC League Description, Rules, and Regulations

Postby SanDiegoGuy » Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:46 pm

Our IN FOR LIFE Keeper League takes place on at

Description, along with the Rules and Regulations, of our IN FOR LIFE Keeper League.

1. It does not include IDP (individual defensive players) and is not a PPR league. Just your basic starting lineup of 1 QB, 2RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 K, 1 D Team.

2. It includes a bench of 10 players allowing room for developing players who you foresee as future starters. Beginning with Season 3, there will be the addition of 2 IR (Injured Reserve) spots on each roster. Teams can place up to 2 players on injured reserve during the season. Any player placed on IR counts against the cap, but not against the roster limit. These players are ineligible to play again (for the same team) during the ongoing season. This will allow teams to keep an injured player for next season, while still replacing them on their active roster via FA, waivers, or trade for the remainder of the season.

3. Since this is a keeper league, there is strategy involved with building a team for the long term, not just for 1 year.

4. The keeper league is obviously about protecting (or keeping) some, but not all of your players from the previous year(s). All seasons, except expansion years (see #14 below), you will have the opportunity to protect (keep) up to 10 players prior to the annual Veteran Draft. All players not protected will be available once again through auction in the veteran draft.

5. I chose 10 as our beginning a number based on the small size of our league with the goal being to keep a large flow of old and young players being released each year for others to draft. Releasing expensive veteran players obviously frees more $$ for you to spend on acquiring new players in the upcoming draft. Thus as salaries increase in years 3-5 of their contracts, more players will typically be released, while the need for a larger player pool increases also.

6. Players claimed off waivers carry their existing salary, contract and year with team with them. The same is true for traded players. So, if not under contract, the year of their purchase or draft, year 1 or year 2, carries with them. If in years 3-5, their contracts and salaries would carry over. All players who clear waivers, along with all undrafted players, will be considered Free Agents, and can be acquired for only $1. Free Agents kept for a 2nd year will be paid a salary of $5. There is no limit to the number of trades, waiver wire, or free agency transactions teams can make each season.

7. Next year's 2017 auction draft will have a $220 cap per team. A cap adds realism to the league in that it works similar to an NFL salary cap. And an auction draft allows you to actually go after whichever players you covet, instead of just the luck of the draw. At the same time, much strategy is added, with the responsibility of not overpaying for players, balancing your team, putting more or less value on which positions you like, and deciding how strong or weak you want your bench to be for developing players and for backups in case your expensive stars go out for the season with a devastating injury. The strategy, the degree of gambling, and balancing the present with the future of your team is all in your hands.

8. A salary increase comes into play beginning the 3rd year any drafted player has been kept/held out of the annual auction draft. His salary will increase either $5, $10, or $15 per season based on the number of seasons (1-3) you, the GM, wish to resign the player for, with 1/2 of his new salary being guaranteed. That means that if you cut a player who you still have under contract, half the cost of each year of his remaining contract will apply towards your salary cap for that year. This could create a situation where it's better to trade a player for less than you think may he is worth. To balance the salary increases, the annual cap limit is increased by $10 post-draft each season. This also gives you a small bump in CAP space in order to help purchase FA &/or Waiver Wire players.

9. Beginning at the end of this, Season 2, we will begin having 2 annual drafts; the first being our Spring Veterans’ Auction Draft, consisting of all NFL players not on any team’s Keeper List. All veteran players not purchased in this draft will become FAs. The 2nd draft, in the fall, will be our annual Fall Rookie Snake Draft, with the order being based on last regular season’s final rankings, not the playoffs, with total points scored being used as a tiebreaker. Teams with the worst records will draft first in Rounds 1 & 3, and last in Rounds 2 & 4. Rookie salaries apply towards the CAP, thus teams will want to reserve CAP space based on their draft position for this final draft. If you haven’t reserved enough CAP space, your pick/picks may be forfeited, or traded for future picks &/or players (where CAP space allows). Only rookie draft picks from the current/upcoming and the following year’s drafts may be traded. Currently that means, 2017 and 2018 rookie draft picks are in play. This is to protect the future of all teams.

Rookie Draft Salary Schedule
1.1 $30
1.2 $26
1.3 $22
1.4 $19
1.5 $16
1.6 $13
1.7 $11
1.8 $9
1.9 $7
1.10 $6
1.11 $5
1.12 $4
2.1-2.5 $3
2.6-2.10 $3
3.1-3.5 $2
3.6-3.10 $2
4.1-4.5 $1
4.6-4.10 $1

10. All trades must be negotiated in good faith and be of relative equal player value (not necessarily equal salary/cap cost), keeping in mind that in most trades it could be said that one team came out better than another. Team owners are free to make those judgments on their own, deciding how they want to build their team, and what value they themselves put on individual players. It is not appropriate for anyone to criticize the mindset or plan that another owner may have in making a trade. We can't get into another owner's head and know his long term plan for his team. Trades may include one team offering or agreeing to Cash to balance the value of a trade, including supplementing a player's salary who might be considered overpaid. However, all teams are limited to an amount equal to 10% of their next draft's CAP Limit to include in any and all trades made in any one season. This is to protect each team's future, as well protecting from any team trying to "buy a championship".

11. Any and all trades will be automatically accepted by the commissioner. The only case where a trade could be overturned is if challenged by another team to involve collusion, or being blatantly unfair and/or extremely hurtful for a team or the league. Collusion is defined as any team dumping its good players for little or no compensation, giving another team an unfair advantage. Any player may challenge a completed trade as being suspicious or questionable by submitting his concern to the commissioner within 1 week of the completion date of the trade. The commissioner will have final say regarding any such accusations.

12. All of the rest of the league rules are very standard to what we are all used to. Standard scoring, standard trading rules, standard FA rules, all outlined on the league pages.

13 Next season's (2017) Rookie Snake Draft is currently scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 5, 2017 at 9pm ET/6pm PT, so you have lots of time to practice auction drafting and creating your big board based on each player’s present and future worth to you. A keeper league obviously makes the age of the players a bit more important in determining their value. Deciding how much you spend on your starters compared to reserving money for non-starters in order to build a strong bench can be learned easily by practicing mock auction drafts.

14. Expansion may occur at certain points in the future. Teams will be added in twos. New teams will participate in an expansion draft in which they will be able to select veteran players from those not protected (kept) by pre-existing teams. In expansion years, all pre-existing teams will be able to protect up to 7 players, instead of the usual 10, giving new teams a more reasonable pool from to which to choose from. The expansion teams will rotate turns in picking from all players not protected, similar to a snake draft. A simple “coin toss/50-50” type of method will determine who drafts first.

15. In an expansion year only, the Commissioner upon his discretion, may invoke the following clause. The previous season’s last place team will have the opportunity to participate in the expansion draft, drafting behind the new franchise teams. This rarely used clause would be invoked only when a team’s roster is obviously and considerably weaker than every other team in the league. This clause is for the sole purpose of giving an owner/gm of such a team a small incentive to continue on by having a chance to be more competitive in the not so distant future.

16. In expansion years the number of divisions, and the teams assigned to each division, may change in order to keep a nice balance, fair schedule, and better and/or simpler playoff system. Changes will be at the discretion of the commissioner with input from league owners. With the 2017 expansion, the league will go to 3 divisions of 4 teams each, with the playoffs consisting of the winner of each division and 1 other team chosen based on best record, and with total points scored being used as a tiebreaker when needed. Each team’s season will consist of a single game with each of the 8 non-divisional teams, and 2 games with each of the 3 divisional teams. This making each regular season 14 games, with playoffs taking place in weeks 15 and 16.

17. In conclusion, conduct that is deemed by the commissioner detrimental to the league will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, posts and or emails that are harassing in nature, cause discord within the league, erodes the quality of or pleasure derived from the league, instigates dissension among owners and/or commissioner, contains extreme vulgarity, and/or is the source of constant negativity. Failure to comply may result in IMMEDIATE EXPULSION. In addition, attempts to negatively impact the integrity of the league WILL result in an Immediate Expulsion.
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