Balance IDP Startup, Salary/Contract, $100, Auction 3/3

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Combine Attendee
Combine Attendee
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Balance IDP Startup, Salary/Contract, $100, Auction 3/3

Postby ruebendavis » Sat Jan 27, 2018 3:05 pm

IDP Lovers, I have a league that is recruting 2 owners. Please follow the instructions below, I have had to kick some out already due to not following the bylaws. This league is in depth, but if you have a desire to act like you are in franchise mode for the NFL, controlling salaries, how they are loaded, how long to sign players, how much to go after them, how to build your team?! Build? Truly a balanced IDP league!

If you want to know more do this!

Read These: ... sp=sharing

View Site here:

Contact me here:

Send your name, a little info about yourself, # of years in fantasy, types of leagues you are in and questions you may have as well.

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