Clowney worth forking over for?

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Clowney worth forking over for?

Postby Space Cowboy » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:12 pm

I never buy defensive players and especially not a premium but clowney is just crushing it.

I recently picked up an additional third round pick. First, what's a fair offer? Team 2. And more to the point --- is he worth pursuing?
14 team PPR TE premium. 1 QB 1 TE Start 5 --- 0-3 RB 0-5 WR 0-5 TE + IDP
QB: Rivers, Winston
RB: Cohen, Ekeler, Conner, Henderson
WR: Evans, Diggs, Baldwin, Landry, Cooper, Treadwell, Hollins, Malone, Reynolds, Meredith
TE: Engram, Henry, Howard, Kroft, Doyle, Ebron, Swoope

16 team TE premium 2 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 RB/WR flex 1 WR/TE flex + IDP
QB: Prescott, Brees, Trubisky, Beathard, C Jones, Rush, Romo, T Hill
RB: Gurley, Johnson, Howard, Collins, Darkwa, M Davis, Joe Williams, T Green, D Henderson
WR: Crowder, Hogan, Ty Williams, Richardson, Maclin, Inman, Rogers, Malone, Moore, Henderson
TE: Olsen, Seals-Jones, O'Leary, Sprinkle

DE: S Lawson, C Lawson, Peppers, Curry, Hendrickson, Spence, Kpassagnon
DT: Jones, A Robinson
LB: Marshall, M Kendricks, Schobert, Onwuasor, Simon, Barrett, Toomer, Brown
CB: Smith, Trufant
S: Bethea, Reid, Tartt, Simmons, Kindred, McDougal

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Re: Clowney worth forking over for?

Postby lukkynumber13 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:46 pm

I would not pay a 3rd for him, no. And for the most part, I don't ever trade FOR defensive players. Even if he's a DL where there's more scarcity at the position (compared to LB & DB), there are guys off the waiver wire who will match his production. This year it has been Zettell, Okafor, Addison & Peppers, etc
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GRONK, Ben W, Shaheen, Maxx, RSJ, Sims
DL: JORDAN/FLOWERS/HUGHES, Addison, Short, Okafor, Malik J
LB: E KENDRICKS, VIGIL, GOODSON, Schobert, Zach C, Morrison, Simon, James, Freeman, Patrick O, Nick K
DB: ADDAE, AMOS, POYER, Farley, Maye, Heath, Simmons, John J

COUSINS, Rivers, Mariota
GURLEY/GORDON/MIXON, Ajayi, Gore, D Williams, Forte, Dayes
AJG/DIGGS/JuJu, Dez, Parker, Crabtree, Crowder, Hogan, M Bryant, Sanders, Wallace, Pryor, Torrey, Rudolph
ENGRAM, Doyle, Ben W, Higbee, Swoope, Vance
DL: GRIFFEN/BUCKNER/HEYWARD, Wilkerson, Hughes, Wolfe, Autry, Ogbah, Okafor, Longacre
LB: KJW/KIKO/SIMON, Goodson, Klein, Ford, Judon, Coyle, Spaight, Burgess, Humber
DB: CHURCH/ADDAE/POYER/FARLEY, Simmons, Tavon, Phillips, John J, Kindred, Colbert

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