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Andrew Sendejo

Postby motherlode » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:44 am

Whats the deal with this guy? Harrison Smith is universally ranked ahead of him, but in my league Sendejo currently sits at DB7 while Smith is DB22. As an example one leading National Brand of IDP sites (not sure if i can post a competitors site here) has Smith ranked as the #3 DB for week 5, and Sendejo as the #25 DB for Week 5. Also now that im looking into him i see that Sendejo is listed as the SS, while Smith is the FS. Arent SS supposed to be more desirable than FS in tackle heavy formats? Is there something the Vikings do in their scheme that flips this around to make Smith more valuable? Is this early season statistical noise that will even out as the season progresses? Sendejo and Smith both have 1 INT, 2 passes defended, and 0 TDs, so it doesnt seem to be anything flukey. Sendejo has simply out tackled Smith so far this season 32 -24.

OK now im seeing on that National Brand of IDP sites is listing Sendejo as a guy to grab off the WW, basically saying that Sedejo is a guy who wont make many big plays, but is consistently going to get you 5-7 tackles a week. In my league though, where DBs get 2 pts for a solo and 1 for an assist, but only get 1 pt for INT and 1 pt for passes defended, tackles are way more important no? I think that makes sense Hey...maybe i just learned something :dance:

As an aside....since Smith's big play advantage is largely mitigated by the scoring system, should i be trying to capitalize on his name and trade him away? I could really use a WR upgrade :)

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Re: Andrew Sendejo

Postby Phaded » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:03 am

Smith is more regarded as a better safety so the ball does not get thrown in his direction as often; it gets thrown closer to Sendejo and thus he gets a lot more tackle opportunities.

DB changes dramatically on a year-to-year basis which is why I refuse to invest.
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Re: Andrew Sendejo

Postby lukkynumber13 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:46 am

Harrison smith is a REALLY good NFL player, and is an above-average fantasy player. But regarding the SS vs FS debate, you're absolutely correct in most situations. In Minnesota tho, both players will share assignments and Smith gets plenty of time in the box area.
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