Value of future picks question

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Value of future picks question

Postby JetsFan86 » Sun May 22, 2016 7:45 pm

Hoping this is the right place for this..

So we are now in the inaugural draft of an 24 team double player pool dynasty league that includes idp. The start up draft allows drafting of devy slots along with vets and rookies. A separate devy draft will be held after. So a 2017 1st value decreases as guys like fournette,chub, juju will likely get taken by those devy slots. Decreased pool leaves less value but how much exactly? What is fair value if selling a 17' 1st or 2nd? Sorry if this is hard to follow but I'd appreciate your thoughts on it. This is my first league with devy
12 team. 6pt td's. 1ppr- 2qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 2 flex

Qb-Ryan,Tannehill, Dalton,Bortles
Rb-Freeman,Mccoy,Ivory,Ingram, Cook, McGuire,Clement
Wr-Hopkins,Benjamin,Landry,Alshon,Decker,Tate, Britt,Peake , Krishawn Hogan
Te-Reed,Graham, Henry, Cfed, njoku
Taxi-Boykin, dj foster, peake, b. Miller, Ford
Picks- 3,4,5

Team 2- 32 team Super flex. 1-2qb,1-5wr, 1-5rb, 1-5te. 1ppr, 4pt passing td's, 6pt rushing/reciving td's, start 8 total [double player pool]

Qb-Cousins,bradford, Osweiler,kessler,gabbert
Rb- Zeke, C-Mike, J-stew, Mcguire, Drake
Wr- Evans, Benji, Jmatt, Crowder, Mike Thomas [saints], Josh Reynolds, Peake, demarcus robinson
Te- Howard, Bennett, Leggett, Asj
Taxi- Ford, Gentry
2018 picks: 1.11/5.15

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Re: Value of future picks question

Postby jason401 » Tue May 24, 2016 2:20 pm

How many devy slots are available to be drafted in the start up?

In all my devy leagues rookie picks have very limited value except for the first few picks. And even those picks are about half a round lower than normal. You may have one or two guys that slip through (usually the late bloomer, say a Kevin White type), so the 1st overall pick may get lucky and snag a good player, but other than that you're dropping down at least half a round from what I've seen. Depending on how deep your devy drafts are of course. The deeper the devy draft the more likely the rookie draft will be depleted. Just as a quick example, one of my leagues has a 6 round annual devy draft, so it's pretty deep. The top rookies in this draft were Prosise, Shepard, Fuller, Howard.

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