Real Fake Mock Draft ( for fun )

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Real Fake Mock Draft ( for fun )

Postby GreenGold » Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:01 pm

1- CLEV ( Miles Garret, DL) : The Browns defense was epically bad last year. They take their chances nabbing Trebisky later in the draft.

2- SF ( Solomon Thomas, DL): Wildcard SF could do anything here but with no takers to move down off the pick and knowing they have Kirk Cousins in their back pocket next year if all else fails, they go textbook with the 2nd best pass rusher on the board.

3- CHI ( Jamal Adams, S): Chicago's secondary needs help. They could go Corner but opt to take one of the best players in the draft.

4- JAX (Johnathin Allen, DL): Tom Coughlin buttered his bread on defense, winning 2 superbowls by dominating the patriots with a ferocious pass rush. He adds another race horse to the jags newly scary defense.

5- CLEV / via TRADE w/Tenn ( Mitch Trebisky, QB): The Browns get to have their cake and eat it too.

6- NYJ (Marshon Lattimore, CB): Gang Green was a passing sieve last season. Lattimore is the top rated corner in the draft.

7-LAC ( Malik Hooker, S): Chargers fill a need with ball hawking Hooker. The Defense is molded in Seattle's image and needs an Earl Thomas.

8- CAR (Leanord Fornette, RB): A perfect fit for Carolina's power scheme.

9- CIN (Derek Barnett, DL): A surging name in mock drafts, this guy broke Reggie Whites sack records and the Bengals have DL needs.

10- BUFF (Mike Williams, WR): Buffalo needs wide out help more than anyone. Passing on a WR would be comical in this spot.

11-NO (Hassin Reddick, DL): Another trending name on Defense. The Saints D has been a favorite target for fantasy football offensive players for too long.

12-TEN /via TRADE w/ Clev (OJ Howard, TE) : Titans traded down with Cleveland and nab a big target for Mariota. D. Walker isn't getting any younger and Howard keeps this train rolling for years to come. Howard can also block which is good since TENN likes to run and all that jazz.

13-ARZ ( Rueben Foster, LB): Cards are still in contention and Foster is too tempting to pass up here as LB is a need. Palmer hopefully stays concious for another year.

14-PHI (Christian Mcaffery, RB): Eagles desperatly need corner, but that player pool has soured with injures and off field circumstances. They figure to roll the cornerback dice on a likely slipping Gareon Conely or injured Syndy Jones later in the draft. Plus Jeffery is on a 1 year deal and Sproles is pushing 30+ as a part time player.

15-IND (Tak Mckinnly, DL): Yet another rising name, Mckinnly is supposidly a good pass rusher and the Colts defense needs help. Duh.

16-BAL (Corey Davis, WR): With S.Smith retired and M.Wallace one step behind him on the way out, would u want B.Perriman as your go to guy? I wouldn't.

17-WAS (Charles Harris, DL): Pass rushers are popular come draft time. Washington got gashed by the run last season. Harris can help.

18-TENN (Marlon Humphry, CB): Already adressing their need for a pass catcher, they fill their other most pressing need at corner. Humprhy has injury concerns or he would go higher.

19-TB ( Dalvin Cook, RB): Tampa wants to run the ball and Douggernaut is suspended. Plus Cook is from Florida ! Thats a bonus right?

20-DEN (Cam Robinson, OL): Considered the best tackle in a weak class, Denver fills a need.

21-DET (John Ross, WR): Detriot needs speed on offense as Stafford barely threw a pass further than 15 yards last season.

22-MIA (Forrest Lamp, OL): Miami needs to protect its rehabbing average QB.

23-NYG (David Njoku, TE): Giants Tight Ends ranked bottom of the league last year. Njoku is another big target for Eli as Marshall is a short term solution.

24-OAK (Kevin King, CB): King is a solid corner who joins a Raiders team in need of exactly that.

25-HOU ( Patrick Mahomes, QB): Mahomes reportedly got good vibes interviewing with Houston and he played at Texas tech lol.

26-SEA (Garret Bowles, OL): Seattle continues to try to build up their paper bag of a offenseive line.

27-KC (Ryan Ramchek, OL): KC fell apart last year when they suffered injuries on the offensive line. Andy Reid is notoruis for building in the trenches in the first round. He is also the one person who loves ALex Smith. Seriously.

28-DAL (Tredavious White, CB): Dallas's secondary amazingly got worse this offseason. Who knew that was possible.

29-GB (Adore Jackson, CB): Injuries helped Green Bays secondary rival the Browns for worst of all time.

30-PIT (T.J Watt, LB): Hey its JJ.Watts brother and supposidly a good pass rusher as well. Pitt needs youth at LB and pass rushing help.

31-ATL (Jabril Peppers, LB): Swiss army knife has fallen due to failed drug tests but is a nice addition as a value pick here for atlanta who gagged away a superbowl last year. CHOKE!

32-NO ( Evan Ingram, TE): Ingram is a move TE and a jacked up WR of sorts. What better fit to bring back some old Jimmy Graham magic and forget Colby Fleener as a bad dream.


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