gross misuse of power by new commish

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gross misuse of power by new commish

Postby bearrt » Sat Sep 20, 2014 5:57 am

Hey Guys,

This is my third year as a premium member and have been on the forums since the start of DLF. I am contacting you all in regards to the new commish in our lg kicking me out of the league for questioning why we have a new owner (happens to be the commish's good friend) that has only logged on 3 times in 4 months and didnt set a lineup this season...playing multiple inactive players. I brought it up on the week I PLAYED that team because i wanted a challenge and wanted the league to have all active owners like it is says in the bylaws. He has gotten rude with me before for questioning why waivers werent open when they should have been and im not the only one. the following are email conversations between ken clein the commish and I as well as other league members. i dont want to lose my team because i was trying to make the league better.

Mike P
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Sep 19 at 11:00 PM
Haha, this is too much drama for a free and "just for fun" league. I agree, the commish's behavior has been questionable at best.

*We basically didn't have 2 owners for Week 1 of the season.
* He wasn't setting his friend's lineup who he knew wasn't capable of doing so.
* The issue with league roster expansion/contraction was also bungled.
* Multiple bi-law inconsistencies.

On Friday, September 19, 2014 10:52 PM, sean linville <> wrote:

btw he also revoked all my rights to post on the message board. keep in mind.....all i did was question why a new team owner had logged in like 3 times in 4 months but since its a friend of his.....he gets high and mighty on me. if you guys have been in many leagues know how commish behavior like this can wreck leagues. how dare i bring up things in hopes of making the league better. i spent a lot of time on this league site....more than anyone i imagine....and the "commish" takes away my voice because I questioned an absentee owner. lol

p.s. it was probably also partly to do with him being scared of the team i have assembled. :)

p.s.s. i would that this crap doesnt stand...dont allow this guy to puff his chest out and just do whatever the hell he wants

Today at 10:38 PM
Who said anything about giving you an option?



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> On Sep 19, 2014, at 10:33 PM, Sean Linville <> wrote:
> Lol...first off dictator goodell...I didn't ask to leave the lg and just because I have a desire for the lg to have active members in it and to be ran according to the bylaws that are posted on the site doesn't give you any right to threaten me for the SECOND time with removal. Ur friend is an awful owner, and u continually take up for him...he's logged on like 3 times in 4 months. I get it...medical problems...but that's life. If I didn't have time to Set my lineup I would step down instead of just getting a free pass on playing inactive players. Thanks for giving me the option to hang around tho.
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>> On Sep 19, 2014, at 10:15 PM, Ken Clein <> wrote:
>> We have fundamental differences about how to run this league, that much is obvious. Would you like to wait until the end of the season to leave, or would you prefer to do it now?
>> Regards,
>> Ken
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This isnt right and shouldnt stand...i broke no rules....i just questioned his authority. Ill wait for you guys response.

Thanks guys,


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Re: gross misuse of power by new commish

Postby melish1631 » Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:22 pm

Well, being a Premium Member didn't help you in this case. It's a good thing they pay you respect and treat you well in that league...I WAS in that league but left because those same people made life intolerable for the previous Commish from what I saw (not his words but what I experienced in chat and message boards) They seem to be the smartest people on the planet when it comes to running leagues but seem to be in the middle of all of those extremely high turnover ones as well!
I left after most owners were barely active and the others were going to leave because why waste the effort...I currently play in 2 DLF IDP Leagues and the commish and people involved are great! Too bad you had to experience this and consider it a favor to you - leave!
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