Orphan in $ RSO dyno, PPC/PPR/IDP

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Orphan in $ RSO dyno, PPC/PPR/IDP

Postby persiandood » Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:30 am

i have an opening in my realitysportsonline.com league, Crouching Linemen, Hidden Cameras. this site requires a $13 fee to play. the league buy-in is $25, but is paid for this season (yes this team is free!). i'm not looking for a babysitter, however. looking for a committed owner who has experience in salary cap leagues and is planning to play beyond this season

https://realitysportsonline.com/LeagueS ... gueId=3613

i toggled the option to make this league public, so this link should work.

email me at shahinkhoygani@yahoo.com if the link above doesn't work and you'd like to see the team/settings. the open team is "Harambe's Revenge" and has some good pieces despite sitting at 1-3. kamara and thielen on cheap contracts, for instance

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