Still looking for superflex orphan

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Still looking for superflex orphan

Postby RooFantasy » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:49 pm

Preferably in the $50 to $100 range, non-standard scoring, MFL and LeagueSafe are musts. PM me if you have an opening.

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Re: Still looking for superflex orphan

Postby ArrylT » Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:22 pm

I'll have one available shortly (waiting to know how many openings but 1 guaranteed) but it also includes IDP.
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Re: Still looking for superflex orphan

Postby RooFantasy » Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:46 pm

Ah, can’t do IDP. Still looking for an orphan though.

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Re: Still looking for superflex orphan

Postby FantasyFreakGuru » Tue Jan 23, 2018 5:55 pm

League Construction: 3 Divions of 12 Teams. These divisions can trade with each other. They are not independent of each other despite the fact they do not play regular season games against each other. 36 Total teams with 3 Copies of Players.

Owner Rules

• An owner must keep trade notifications on.

• Must join the league Group Me

• Check in every 2 weeks

• An owner must vote in all polls.

• An owner is allowed to tank. The only rule is that you must start active players in your lineup.

• An owner is not allowed to transfer a team to another owner. Ownership of teams falls on the commissioners.

Failure to comply to all of these may get an owner fined (auction/BB dollars) or removed from the league upon the commissioner's discretion.

Schedule Year One:

Startup Auction Draft - ASAP when Filled

Waiver Draft - Immediately after Startup Auction

Devy Draft - March 2nd 2018 (Start of Combine)

Rookie Draft - April 29, 2018 (Sunday After NFL Draft)

Schedule Year Two and Beyond

Devy Draft - Early March Start Date of Combine

Rookie Draft - Sunday After NFL Draft

Start Up Auction Draft:

• Proxy Style

• Owners will nominate 2 players on the first day of the auction. From that point you are allowed to add a nomination after you win a player or pick.

• 1st day nominations must be made on MFL prior to 5:00 PM EST.

◦ If you are unable to nominate by 5:00 PM EST, please notify the commissioner via direct message GroupMe with your nomination.

• Each Team will receive $1500 for the initial start up and it will include Vets and Rookie Pic Slots

• Slow auction style draft with a 10 hour clock. The clock will reset upon a new owner becoming the highest bidder.

• Only one copy of the player may be up for auction at a time.

Auction Bid Rules:

You are NOT ALLOWED to price enforce on a player you already own, doing so will result in fines due. MFL doesn’t allow you to win or nominate a player you own this is in place to stop the owner from bidding on the player he/she owns. Their will be a $5 for the restocking of the player.

Each owner is in charge of keeping up with its own budget. Over bidding will result in $5 fine for the restocking of the player.

Waiver Draft - 8 Hour Pick Timer

After the auction there will be a unlimited round waivers draft for teams to fill out their rosters. All assets not purchased in the auction will be available. Draft slots will be by random draft order. Draft ends once every team declines to pick or reaches roster limit.


Waivers will run every week on Wednesday (12pm Noon EST) throughout the year. They will be completely shut off during the playoffs. You will use your Blind Bidding for these moves. The offseason will only have weekly waivers. In season there will be FCFS waivers between the waiver run and kickoff of game. Each team is given $200 Blind Bid Dollars at the conclusion of the Rookie Draft (After Waiver Draft Year 1). These Bidding dollars do not rollover, use them or lose them.

Trade Deadline

No trades during the league playoffs.

Rookie Draft: Held Sunday After NFL Draft- 8 Hour Pick Timer

4 Round Draft draft position determined by lowest potential points for non-playoff teams. Playoff teams are seeded by reverse standing. Picks can be traded throughout all conferences. We will be allowing the trade of rookie picks one year in advance. Each year there will be up to 48 devy players available.


30 Active Roster

10 Starters

3 IRs (Suspended and IR)

QB RB WR WR TE Superflex Flex Flex Flex Flex

Offseason Roster

• Limit: 35 Active Roster. No IR in offseason.

• IR/SUSP is not allowed to be used between NFL Superbowl and start of season. You can start using the IR/SUSP/ spot 1 week prior to the season.

• This limit will begin following the fantasy playoffs.

• IR Players must be taken off IR before the NFL Superbowl.

• You must cut down to 25 players prior to week 1 of the following season.

• If you do not, the commissioners will decide who to cut from your roster.


Tiered PPR: .5 RB, 1 WR, 1.5 TE

Passing: .04pt per yard, 4pt TD, 2pt 2PC, -2pt Int

Rushing: .1 per yard, -2pt fumble, 2pt 2PC, .25 PPC

Receiver: .1 per yard -2pt fumble

Long Play Bonus: 40+ Yards 2pts


All Transactions done on Leaguesafe

$50 Entry Fee + MFL Fees

• Fees are due one week after the Superbowl

Prizes Money

Total Pot $1800

League of Champions Winner: $800

League of Champions Runner up: $200

3 - Time League of Champions Champ: $100 a year

Conference Champions: $150*3 = $450

Conference Runner Up: $50*3 = $150

Toilet Bowl: $50

Beat Everyone Progressive Pot: $50 a year

Beat Everyone Progressive Pot:

First Owner to beat all 47 owners will win this progressive pot. If two or more owners tigger this pot in the same year the plot will be split among said owners. This will be Tracked on a league history google doc.

3-Time Champions League Gauntlet Champ:

Each year $100 will be put into a progressive pot for a team that wins the League of Champions. With a reset once the pot is achieved. To simplify the league are playings games to 3.


1. If team A wins 2018, 2019, 2020 Team A wins the pot of $300

2. Team A Wins 2018, 2019 and Team B Wins 2020,2021,2022. Team B wins $500 Pot. Team A will not win a 3-Time Pot for winning in 2023 his trophy count would be 1.

If the league folds, this pot will be split between teams with the most championships on the current count. (i.e If there are 4 teams that are 2-time champs would split pot 4 ways)

Conference Realignment:

The conference winners will draft the conferences for the next year.

Conference Competition: 3 Divisons

• Play Everyone Twice with 9 Doubleheaders

• 6 Playoff Teams Each Divisions: W/L tiebreakers H2H then Total Points

• Week 1-13 Regular Season

• Week 14 First Round Playoffs:

◦ Byes for #1 and #2

◦ 3v6 4v5

• Week 15 Second Round Playoffs

◦ Teams coming off byes can use week 14 scores during this round.

◦ 1 v 4/5 Winner, 2v 3/6 Winner

• Week 16 Division Finals

League of Champions Gauntlet: 16 team Yearly Tournament

• Top 4 from each Division league playoffs the previous years and the 4 highest scoring team.

◦ Division Winners will be separated but the rest of the groups will be randomly drawn.

• YEAR 1 participants will be determined by the Top 16 Scorers - 4 weeks into the season.

• Group Stage wks 1 - 3 (YEAR 1 wks 5-7)

◦ 4 groups of 4

▪ Round Robin with top 2 advancing.

• Bracket

◦ Group Winners Play Group Runners Up by Total Points in League of Champions Games

▪ Best 1 gets Worst 2 etc

◦ Round of 8 week 12/13

◦ Round of 4 week 14/15

◦ Finals week 16

Toilet Bowl: 18 Team All-Play Toilet Bowl during weeks 14-16. Winner Receives $50 cash.

Top 8 scorers advance to week 15

Top 4 Advance to week 16

Top Scorer in week 16 wins

Dispersal Draft:

If 2 or more owners leave the league there will be a dispersal draft including the assets all teams involved. Current owners are allowed to drop their team and join the dispersal draft but must forfeit their status on all progressive pots.Teams who just triggered a pot that season are not eligible.


Voting on polls in this league is mandatory. You MUST vote on all proposals. Majority for normal votes is reached if 19/36 owners agree on a rule change.

Any rule change that affects starting lineup requirements, scoring, or roster size will not be installed the following season. It will be installed the season after that (aka gap year than installment). A scoring or starting lineup change will need 24/36 votes (2/3 majority).

Failure to vote in a poll could lead to being replaced in the league.


Everyone playing is an adult and should conduct themselves as such. Trash talk, bragging, dirty jokes, etc are expected. There is a line. The commissioners will draw the line between comments made in good fun and inflammatory comments that could harm the good of the league.

Best Interest Clause:

Should circumstances, issues, or problems arise for which a remedy is not stated in the Rules... the Commissioners reserves the right to take whatever actions he deems necessary in the best interest of the league. He may consult with some or all other owners and/or possibly take a vote.
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