Non-IDP Dynasty Team Available

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Non-IDP Dynasty Team Available

Postby NobleEagle » Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:51 am


I'm looking for someone to take over a dynasty team.

Twisted Dynasty 3 - Victory points league, 8 round rookie/free agent draft

League site:

3. Roster of Open Team (Cyber-Techz): ... =07&F=0004

Players include Drew Brees, Jameis Winston, Ezekiel Elliott, Joe Mixon, Amari Cooper, Dez Bryant, Robby Anderson, Jimmy Graham

League details:

- League hosted at MFL
- 12 teams, 3 divisions
- 23 man active roster, 2 player taxi squad, 3 injured reserve spots
- non-IDP, offensive players only
- PPR (1, 1, 1.5)
- decimal scoring
- H2H play thru week 13
- 6 team playoff weeks 14-16
- rookie/free agent draft starting in June
- weekly waivers & FCFS waivers
- $50 entry fee + $25 refundable franchise fee = $75
- 100% payout (no cost to host the sites)

Weekly starting lineup for each team is as follows:

* 1 Quarterback (QB)
* 2 Running Back (RB)
* 3 Wide Receivers (WR)
* 1 Tight End (TE)
* 1 Offensive Flex (RB, WR or TE)
* 1 Place Kicker (PK)
* 1 Defensive/Special Teams (DT/ST)

League Rules: ... 19319&O=26

This league is one of six twisted dynasty leagues. There is a league realignment every two years. Do well, move up the pyramid, etc.

Twisted Dynasty Rule Book: ... sp=sharing

If you are interested in taking over this team or have any questions, send me a PM or e-mail at



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