Dynasty/Contract, Non-PPR, $50/yr, Needs 1 owner!!

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Dynasty/Contract, Non-PPR, $50/yr, Needs 1 owner!!

Postby Vcize » Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:10 am

We have a 12 team non-ppr dynasty/contract league with an opening. First year will be discounted to $25 entry. After that it is $50/yr.

Rules are here: http://www.clan-loh.com/dynasty/rules.php

The main thing I can say that trips people up with the rules is that while you acquire people in FA, etc via auction (using league currency), the player contracts are years only (not salaries). IE if you bid on a player and win them for $4 then sign them to a 3 year contract, you are not charged $4 every year, just the one time you acquired them. The only recurring cost is the contract, to which each team has a limited amount of contract years to use each year.

Players with expired contracts go to restricted free agency (save one as each team can protect one expired player each year) where they can be bid on in an auction by anyone. This is one of the ways that the league encourages parity. Not only do the worse teams get better draft picks, they also get more money at the end of the year to spend on restricted free agents (and regular free agents).

The team that is open is the Columbus Capacitors on this page: http://www64.myfantasyleague.com/2017/o ... 47781&O=07

We are in the process of assigning contracts to this year's new players, which I will help walk you through.

Let me know asap if you are interested and I can help you get up to speed!!
Team 1 (12 team standard, q/r/r/w/w/f/t/k/d)
QB: Brees, Dak
RB: Bell, D Johnson, Fournette, Penny, Lynch, Conner, Foreman
WR: Brown, Diggs, Dez, Lockett
TE: Gronk, Graham
K: Tucker
Def: Jags, Texans

Team 2 (12 team PPR, q/r/r/w/w/w/f/t/k/d)
QB: Dak, Mahomes
RB: Fournette, Kamara, Michel, Kerryon, Blount
WR: Beckham, Thielen, GTate, M Williams, Decker, Enunwa
TE: Eifert, Hooper, Gesicki

Team 3 (12 Team PPR TE Premium, q/r/r/w/w/f/f/t/k/d)
QB: Wentz, Luck
RB: Hunt, Ajayi, Kerryon, Foreman, White
WR: OBJ, Cooks, ARob, Richardson, Benjamin, Moncrief, Pettis, Hurns, Lockett
TE: Burton, Rico

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Combine Attendee
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Re: Dynasty/Contract, Non-PPR, $50/yr, Needs 1 owner!!

Postby jjdenver » Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:19 pm

I can't see the team you linked but I think I'd be interested. Can you send me the team link?

Is the spot still open?

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