2 owners need

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2 owners need

Postby adg2852 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:12 am

*2nd year in existance....not normal take over a roster...extra funds for new owner compared to returning owners to help with drafting

*Entry - $60 (all owners pitch in 10 for league site fee/maintenance) Use Leaguesafe to keep funds

*Payouts - 300 for 1st, 180 r-up, 60 most points season, 60 most points in a week

*12 team league...6 make playoffs (3 div winners, 3 wild cards)

*53 man active roster max, 10 man taxi squad max

*25 keepers each season for returning owners (5 from past rookies/last year's auction, 10 from 1 AFC franchise, 10 from 1 NFC franchise)

*26 in starting lineup (1-2 QBs)

Concepts not seen in most dynasty leagues:
---3 separate drafts each off-season (Open franchise slow proxy auction, free agent vet slow proxy auction, and 7 round rookie draft)
---trading franchises allowed, trading draft picks allowed, after accepted trade offer, other owners can swoop in and make better offer within time limit
---home field advantage each week (extra in scoring)
---better team gets to pick their playoff opponent in playoffs
---non playoffs have a playoff for #1 rookie pick
---captain/double team feature each week
---fantasy point awards each position and MVPs (owners of these players get extra auction funds for the next season
---ATS and survivor pool selections of our own matchups weekly to gain extra auction funds for next season
---fantasy point awards each position and MVPs (owners of these players get extra auction funds for the next season
--Division re-alignment each season that pits the top 4 teams vs each other, next 4, worst 4 from the previous season
--pre-season NFL game results matter (2-12 rookie draft order determined)
email me at grovgump@gmail.com for complete details and links to site/explanations of due dates/drafts

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