IDP Dynasty league with 3 drafts needing new owner

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IDP Dynasty league with 3 drafts needing new owner

Postby adg2852 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:32 am

55-60 entry based on site fee. payouts to 1st,r-up, most points season, most points week
Replacement owners really aren't that they are new and can draft almost any player.

Featuring: including 25 keepers, 3 drafts each off-season, home field advantage, better seeds pick playoff opponents, survivor pool, ats pick pool, captain/double team a player, division re-alignment each season, etc...

Here is the bylaws page:

Scoring System: ... 62951&O=09

2016 Message board to get info/?s/answers: ... =201662951
Rosters from 2016 (each owner will keep 5 players from previous year (must be past drafted rookies or 1/2 players from free agent auction they tag/rfa. The Open team's players will all go back into the pool for their selective NFL franchise. If you get one of those franchises, you may keep the players that are on an open roster in the offseason.

Here is the roster page from 2016: ... 62951&O=07

Current list: (So after 5 keepers are picked from returning owners) Having an Open franchise auction draft would be 1st step as new owner and you will pick 1 AFC team and 1 NFC team that will get to keep 10 each nfl roster. all players that weren't kept as the 5 keepers from returning owners.
Open for sure AFC teams: Patriots, Jets, Browns, Ravens, Bengals, Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos, Dolphins, Colts, Jaguars, Titans, Jaguars
Open for sure NFC teams: Bears, Saints, Panthers,, 49ers, Rams, Seahawks, Cardinals, Cowboys, Eagles, Vikings, Rams
maybe AFC: Texans
maybe NFC: Redskins

The basic steps of each off-season as simple as I can make it for you:
Make your 5 keepers (past drafted rookies/auction tag/rfa) from previous year's roster (you are new so this doesn't regard to you this year except to see who everyone keeps which might entice who you select as your 2 NFL franchises. As example: I have the Raiders and Buccs. I'm not giving them up so I will be keeping 20 players 10 each unless another owner has one of his 5 past drafted rookies (say Joseph Raiders safety was in rookie draft last year and that owner wants to keep him as his initial 5). He is not eligible for me to keep then. I won Danielle Hunter DE from Vikings in free agent auction last year. So I'm keeping him this season by placing Franchise tag on him. Thus, Viking franchise owner can't select him.
Pick your 1 AFC team and 1 NFC team available in the auction in order to select 20 keepers from those team's rosters (not a part of the 5 keepers in step 1)
Pick players from free agent veteran auction (none of the keepers from Step 1 or Step 2)
Pick players from this year's rookie class (7 rounds).
Trim your roster to 53 max active roster and 10 taxi squad
Season begins

That is it in a nutshell. Then we have some cool concepts that i created during the year for scoring/contests to keep the interest high and have fun.

Want to get this filled ASAP to get rolling on all the old guys giving their 5 keepers from rosters last year. Then you and some others enter the Open NFL franchise auction off. It seems like a ton, but it isn't that bad especially once in it a year. You probably have a ? or 2.

Email me at or PM to get started
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