16 Team dynasty start up $50 + site fees-- Spots Open

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16 Team dynasty start up $50 + site fees-- Spots Open

Postby AJMoney88 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:31 am

FLEX is a new start up 16 team dynasty league using the Realitysportsonline.com (RSO) platform. RSO allows for a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a GM. You will have to negotiate contracts and manage the true NFL Salary Cap. You will have to make the difficult call of who to offer contract extensions to mid year. RSO provides an exciting experience that cant be matched anywhere else.

FLEX believes in creating high scoring matchups by giving you, the GM, the ability to construct a diverse roster. We have taken the standard QB position, removed it and replaced it with an OPEN flex position. This allows for you to choose the matchups that best fit your team's construction. Don't want to use a backup QB because your stud is on bye? Don't have to here. Missed getting a backup QB in a deep standard league and you would be stuck with a 0 ruining your chances for victory.

Rosters will consist of the following:
1 Open Flex
1 RB
2 WR
1 TE
3 Flex (rb/wr/te)

with 12 bench spots and 3 IR spots- No kickers or defense here.

FLEX believes in having high scoring matchups. No one gets excited for a fantasy football matchup that ends 55-38. Some of the scoring highlights include .25 points per completion and -.25 points for incompletions for QBs. .25 points per carry for all positions. Want to ride Zeke and DJ for 600 carries? Now you can and score some points. 1 point per reception for RBs and WRs. Those dual threat backs can score some points. 1.5 points per reception for your TE. Don't overlook the revolution that is taking place in the NFL. This is just a highlight of the scoring that will be taking place in FLEX.

Contracts and Salary Cap-
With it being a start up, all rookies will be part of the start up Auction. Anyone familiar with RSO will tell you the Auction is an experience like no other! Manage price and length of deals being offered while simultaneously bidding against other owners. You have some long term contracts you can hand out. Choose wisely
For the first year, the contracts will be as follows
2 Four-year deals
3 Three-year deals
3 Two-year deals
The rest of your roster will consist on one year deals
You will have the opportunity to extend 2 players mid year.
Franchise tag will be available in the offseason for you to tag one pending free agent.

$50 buy in for each season. Money will be held on Leaguesafe.com.

Are you ready to accept the challenge of FLEX?

Reply, PM, or email me at AFerraro88@gmail.com for more information and a copy of the league constitution.

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