Game of Thrones - ESPN/PPR/IDP/$25 (Orphan)

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Game of Thrones - ESPN/PPR/IDP/$25 (Orphan)

Postby persiandood » Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:49 am

I have an opening in my Game of Thrones dynasty league on ESPN.

first, some basic info

-$25 buy in
-PPR with bonuses
-IDP (big play scoring)
-Starting spots: QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/flex/flex/flex/DT/DT/DE/DE/LB/LB/LB/CB/CB/S/S (20 starters)
-Bench: 11 (3 IR)
-24 keepers
-Offline 5 round rookie draft
-Use WhatsApp for league communication (this is mandatory)
-Must read league constitution detailing special rules (bowl games, jackpot, etc)
-Must be into Game of Thrones

The owner has been unresponsive for several weeks and has not been on the app since January. His team made the finals last year and lost. Here are some of the teams better players: Cousins, Zeke, Baldwin, Kelce, Miller, Vic Beasley, JPP, Cyprien, Kwon Alexander

If you are interested in taking over this team, send me an email with the subject line KHAL DROGO and I'll send you the constitution to look over. First come first serve!

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