WLAF/NFL Europe [Superflex devy empire] needs 1 owner (2nd year)

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WLAF/NFL Europe [Superflex devy empire] needs 1 owner (2nd year)

Postby slightlyuntrue » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:25 pm

Do you miss the WLAF or NFL Europe? Neither does anyone else, but the concept and team names were pretty cool! Throw in superflex, devy players and a sweet empire bonus and subtract kickers and team defense and you've got the World League Empire Dynasty!

Open team:


Dak, Wentz, Bradford, Romo, JHoward, Matt Jones, RMathews, Woodhead, Julio, DHopkins, Dez, Baldwin, Marvin Jones, Beasley, MBennett, Barnidge, Rudolph

2017 picks: 1.06 2.06 3.06 4.06
2018 picks: Full set


> 12 teams, 6 teams per division.
> 25 roster spots; 3 taxi squad spots; 3 IR/S slots.
> 9 starters, featuring 1 Superflex & no PK or DST.
> $250 annual league dues.
> Initial 30-round startup draft, including rookies and devy players
> Maximum of 5 devy players per franchise and 20 devy players leaguewide.
> Annual 4-round rookie draft, occurring two weeks after the NFL draft (except inaugural season).
> Annual 4-round free agent draft, occurring two weeks before the NFL season (except inaugural season).
> Rookie draft order determined by potential points and a draft lottery to discourage tanking and “punt year-one” ploys that compromise competitive integrity.
> In-season FAAB waivers, allocating $1,000 in waiver dollars to per team, per season.
> Six-team playoff structure that mimics the NFL.
> Guaranteed playoff berth for the points-scored leader.
> Consolation bracket for 6 non-playoff teams.
> Prize pools with 100% payouts, less MFL league fees of $70/yr (early bird price) & Empire Prize pool.
> 20% of league dues held back for Empire Bonus Prize, awarded when a team wins the league twice in three seasons.

Link to Bylaws: http://www65.myfantasyleague.com/2016/o ... 51960&O=26

Contact me with interest/questions/complaints about the anti-tanking rules: cmwcampbell-at-gmail-com

Thanks for looking!

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