Star Wars $50 full IDP league needs 2 owners (3rd season)

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Combine Attendee
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Star Wars $50 full IDP league needs 2 owners (3rd season)

Postby slightlyuntrue » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:14 pm

Open Teams:


MRyan, TColeman, KDixon, JStewart, RMathews, Julio, Watkins, John Brown, MBryant, Crowder, DParker, Ebron, Casey, Liuget, Wilkerson, Wagner, Wright, Preston Brown, Bruce Irvin, Bethea, Reid, TBranch

2017 picks: 1.04 4.04 5.04 6.04 7.04
2018 picks: Full set


Ben, Mariota, LMiller, Langford, TBoyd, TY Hiltom, Demaryius, Hurns, Garcon, Boldin, Delanie, JThomas, Walford, Avril, GMcCoy, ZBrown, Von Miller, Shane Ray, Byron Jones, EBerry, DMcCourty, Apple, Haden, PatPete, Sherman

2017 picks: 1.01 2.01 3.01 3.01 4.01 5.01 6.01 7.01
2018 picks: Full set

League overview:
* 12 teams, 3 teams per division.
* 50 roster spots; 10 taxi squad spots; 7 IR/S slots.
* 22 starters balanced between offensive positions and defense for realism.
* A proven, balanced PPR scoring system.
* Annual 7-round rookie draft, occurring two weeks after the NFL draft.
* Rookie draft order determined by "potential points" to discourage tanking.
* In-season FAAB waivers, allocating $1,000 in waiver dollars to per team, per season.
* Six-team playoff structure that mimics the NFL.
* Guaranteed playoff berth for the points leader.
* Consolation bracket for 6 non-playoff teams.
* Sign players off of opposing franchises' taxi squads for a price.
* Prize pools with 100% payouts, less MFL league fees of $70/yr (early bird price).

Link to full bylaws: ... 16886&O=26

This is year three since we drafted in December 2014. Rookie draft begins Saturday May 13th

$50 this season will be handled by Leaguesafe. Reach out to me at cmwcampbell[at]gmail[dot]com


Chris (Commish)
2nd-yr 12-team 30-roster superflex devy
QB: Brady Ben Kizer Lynch Trubisky
RB: DeMarco ingram Caff Prosise Kamara Sims
WR: ABrown Maclin GTate Moncrief Meredith Quick Godwin
TE: Eifert ASJ Swoope

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